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An all-new Christmas program from Jerry Stewart, “Home for Christmas”

Dec 10, 2019

Thursday, December 19 and Friday, December 20 at 8:06 AM ET
SES-2, SR 2-Unity Receiver

Thursday, December 19 at 8:06 AM ET
SRN – Home for Christmas, V01 Netcue for local break

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Why? Because I love to give gifts. And just why do we give gifts on Christmas? To remind us all of the first Christmas Gift given to all of mankind – God’s Gift to us – His Son – The Christ Child!

And on this special program I will do my best to help us all set aside the “hurry and scurry” of Christmas – and enjoy this Season for all it is – a great time to show our love.

In the program you will hear:

  • You will hear the story of one very sick child at Christmas, and the special poem written for her by her Father – a poem we all know well – but what’s the back story behind this poem?
  • You’ll hear the story of one song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” written in 1943 during our World War II, and the important radio message given to all in America that year from President Roosevelt – Were our troops going to come home for Christmas?
  • Then, there’s the story of “Martha”, a classmate of mine in the 7th grade who was teased at school for her looks and dress, and what I tried to do to try to brighten her spirits by giving her a “Secret Friend Card”.
  • You’ll hear some wonderful Christmas stories of children’s antics at Christmas, and some insights into the many customs of Christmas.
  • You will hear the story of a man, John Bradford, a Christian missionary, arrested for his faith, and the final words he spoke to accusers just before they burned him at the stake.
  • Of course, there will be the story of Jesus, the Christ Child, and the story of Mary and Joseph, and the shepherds as they each made their way to Bethlehem. But why did God write that Story just that Way? Oh yes, there was a Reason.

This program follows the SRN Talk Clock. For questions regarding the program call Jerry Stewart at 360-961-5587.

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