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An all-new Independence Day program from Jerry Stewart, “We the People”

Jun 15, 2018

Thursday, June 28 and Friday, June 29 at 8:06 AM ET
SES-2, SR 2-Unity Receiver

Thursday, June 28 at 8:06 AM ET
XDS Receiver, V01 Netcue for local break

Today our America still speaks of freedom and justice for all. But here’s the question – how many in America today even know the cost of freedom? How many have paid anything for their freedom? In this program we will be looking at those who did know the price and they paid it!

Some of what you will hear in this special Independence Day program:

  • Over the last two years there has been quite the controversy over our flag, Old Glory, and many would lead us to believe that our flag is just a piece of cloth – but is it just a piece of cloth? What about the colors and the design of our flag – do each of the pieces mean something? What do they mean?
  • Does our flag have the power to save American lives? Does it have the power to keep us free? Listen to the most powerful single story of our flag in history. It was at the WWII Battle on the island of Iwo Jima. This is one story that you and your entire family must hear!
  • There is this little known man in our American history – his name is Jack Jouett. During the Revolutionary War, despite great danger, this man rode right into the face of death to save one very important man from sure death or capture. This man he saved? Thomas Jefferson.
  • When the colonies declared their Independence from England, how did they come together to fight the most powerful military force in the world? There was this preacher, this circuit riding preacher who played a great part, used by God, to unite our colonies into one nation. His name – George Whitefield.
  • Finally, we will take a hard look at “We the People”. We know all who have gone before, but what about now? How can “We the People” in 2018 save our America today.

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