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An all-new Labor Day program from Jerry Stewart, “America – A Labor of Love”

Aug 10, 2018

Wednesday, August 29 and Thursday, August 30 at 8:06 AM ET
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Wednesday, August 29 at 8:06 AM ET
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I have lived in America now for well over 60 Labor Days. My mom started me off in life with a lot of labor, labor pains, to bring me into this world. As a boy growing up, my dad taught me the importance and the joy of laboring. Yes, he taught me to enjoy working hard to see the fruits of my labor, and his lessons on the importance of good, hard, honest labor have served me well all of my years. But, where are we today here in our America as we labor? Are we seeing the fruits of our labor or are we working so hard to tear down others that we as a nation are laboring in vain? This program on this very special Labor Day will remind us all how to labor, in love, for our America.

Some of what you will hear in this special Labor Day program:

  • You’ll hear the story of one man, John Chapman, who we know as “Johnny Appleseed”, and how his seemingly insignificant labor of love for America, has caused him to be an icon in our nation. You’ll learn why we still remember this simple farmer today for his labor.
  • There was a man, a simple cowboy, Will Rogers, who became famous for his humorous stories of America. But his stories weren’t just stories – they were life lessons telling all what we must do with our own labors to help keep America strong and successful.
  • And then there is Abigail Adams, the wife of President John Adams. In 1813 when the British Army came to America to burn down our capital buildings, Abigail Adams refused to leave the White House until one very important and dangerous job was done.
  • Did you know that for most of his life George Washington was a loser? Yeah, a loser. Then why do we so honor him today? Why did we erect a monument with his name? Your listeners will learn something about GW that most have never known.
  • Finally, the story of Abe Lincoln, one of the most powerful laborers in our American history. But, when Mr. Lincoln became our President he foretold what could happen to America – that he could almost see our demise – and today we are so very close to his greatest concern for our nation coming true.

There are so many stories, so much to say about our America and our history. If you ever liked one of my specials, trust me, you and your listeners will love this one.

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