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An all-new Memorial Day Tribute program from Jerry Stewart, “A Tribute To Our Heroes”

May 11, 2018

Thursday, May 24 and Friday, May 25 at 8:06 AM ET
SES-2, SR 2-Unity Receiver

Thursday, May 24 at 8:06 AM ET
XDS Receiver, V01 Netcue for local break


Memorial Day is a special day set aside to honor those brave Americans who have died in the service of our nation. It is also a day meant to remind us all that truly freedom is not free. This program is extremely unique because it is stories of WWII being told by those who were there.

This special feature is formatted for a 1 hr time slot – actual length is 44 minutes.

In the program, you will hear:

  • First, the story of Joe Moser, a P-38 fighter pilot who was shot down in WWII while flying a mission over France. He almost died in the crash, but he lived only to be captured by the German army, and taken to a Nazi concentration camp. As a POW Joe saw so much suffering until, finally, the camp was overrun by Allied forces and he was freed.
  • Next, the story of Major General George Mabry who, according to my count, was awarded 15 medals for his heroic service in WWII, one of which was the highest award, the Medal of Honor. Sadly, this brave veteran passed away years ago, but I was fortunate enough to connect with his son who has agreed to tell us his father’s story from a son’s perspective. The words that son, George, has for his father, show the tremendous man that he was, both in battle and as a father. What an honor to hear.
  • And I have another amazing honor – to give you the story of President George Bush, Sr., who was a Navy pilot in WWII. In fact, the youngest fighter pilot ever. You’ll hear from the President himself, just what happened the day his plane was shot down and the enemy came to capture him.
  • Finally, the story of one man who asked to remain anonymous. I interviewed him recently in the Prescott Arizona VA Hospital. His words are brief as he spoke in a quiet and reverent voice of what he saw in war and the horrors that he lives with still all these years later. My trip to that hospital will be one of the highlights of my work as a story teller for our veterans.

This Memorial Day Tribute program, “A Tribute To Our Heroes“, follows the SRN Talk clock.

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