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An all-new Memorial Day Tribute program from Jerry Stewart, “The Great Price Paid”

May 2, 2019

Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24 at 8:06 AM ET
SES-2, SR 2-Unity Receiver

Thursday, May 23 at 8:06 AM ET
XDS Receiver, V01 Netcue for local break

Memorial Day is a special day set aside to honor those brave Americans who have died in the service of our nation. It is also a day meant to remind us all that truly freedom is not free. This program is extremely unique because it is stories of WWII being told by those who were there.

This special feature is formatted for a 1 hr time slot – actual length is 44 minutes.

In this program, you will hear:

  • First, Army Veteran, Michael Smith, who did two tours of duty in the Vietnam War. The amazing thing about Michael’s story is that he volunteered to be sent to Vietnam and, after his first tour, he did voluntarily re-enlist. He speaks candidly of what he saw there.
  • Second, the story of Joe. Joe was a member of the Marine Raider’s group, Carlson’s Raider. The stories he tells of war are hard to listen to, but help us to remember so much of the sacrifice made by so many to keep us safe and free.
  • Third, The story of Beryl Weidkamp, a Navy PT boat gunner. He talks about what it was like to be in one of the smallest boats the Navy had in the war and the great terror he experienced when they would go right up to an island at night, full of Japanese guns, ready to take them out.
  •  And I have another amazing honor – to give you the story of President George Bush, Sr., who was a Navy pilot in WWII. In fact, the youngest fighter pilot ever. You’ll hear from the President himself, just what happened the day his plane was shot down and the enemy came to capture him.
  • Finally, the story of Kendall Anderson, an Air Force jet fighter pilot in the Korean War. But, here’s the amazing thing about Kendall’s war record. He also served in WWII and the Vietnam War. What a powerful story he has to tell!

This program follows the SRN Talk Clock. For questions regarding the program call Jerry Stewart at 360-961-5587.

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