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Joe Egan – Author & Speaker

Aug 2, 2017

For decades, Joe Egan was an owner of one of the nation’s largest construction companies. Joe has created many successes and survived many failures involving millions of dollars. Since, he has   authored two books on the subjects of success and failure through empowerment and overcoming. Joe’s one minute presentations (EGANISMS) guide listeners to successfully navigate everyday events, emotions and reactions to steer a principled course. Plus, he is a nationally recognized voice over talent!

“Joe is very well known throughout the construction industry as a keynote speaker, author and consultant. Based on his vast experience, he is regarded as a top expert and go-to person when seeking to improve business operations, processes, customer service and profitability. He is also a heck of a nice guy and is always wearing a smile!” – Jeff Schwartz, Executive at Harris Controls


Comments from listeners:

“My morning coffee taste a lot better when I listen to you.”

“Your segments on attitude, courage, hope and perseverance are helping me during my difficulties.”

“You take life’s challenges and boil them down to simple remedies.”

“You are a gift for all ages.”


Where can you find Joe?
Westwood One XDS receiver –
Listed as “SRN 1 – Eganisms” through the Salem Radio Network
M-F at 5:43 to 5:44 AM Eastern Time

Joe Egan
5435 Ximines Lane North
Plymouth, Minnesota 55442
Phone: 763-913-6075

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