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RENEGADEAV8R with David Costa

Nov 6, 2018

David Costa is the RenegadeAV8R. This show is about aviation, but it is not just for people who love aviation. If you like a positive message, finding your passion and achieving goals, you will find it here. David promotes aviation and the power of the individual.

The RenegadeAV8R combines his radio show with a jet airshow team that can be seen at airshows across North America. He flies high performance jet aircraft and provides coaching to pilots who want to reach elite status. David is also is called upon as a pilot expert in addition to his corporate jet management business.

David lives in Reno, with his wife and 2 daughters, when not living at homeā€¦.he is living the dream, flying airplanes from vintage aircraft to jet fighters.

Westwood One XDS (“SRN4 – RenegadeAV8R with David Costa”)
Saturday from 7-8am Eastern

RenegadeAV8R -FINALpress release-Nov.5 2018

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