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Salem Christian formats moving from Wegener to XDS receivers in 2019!

Apr 4, 2019

Salem Radio Network and Salem Music Network

will be upgrading our Christian programming platform

from satellite to IP (internet) and will be upgrading our receiver fleet

in mid-2019 to the XDS platform.

Your current Wegener satellite receiver will be replaced and upgraded to an XDS Pro receiver that will be fed completely from the internet (IP). Salem will continue broadcasting on the current Wegener satellite platform while migrating to our new XDS IP receivers and expect to end our SES-2 Wegener satellite feed in early 2020.

***This change will affect current Salem Wegener affiliates (Christian on SES-2) and NOT current Westwood One XDS (General Market on SES-11) receivers.***

This improved system operates over internet protocol (no satellite) and requires only an internet connection to schedule and receive programming. Your station will no longer need a satellite dish or antenna hardware to receive Salem’s Christian network feeds. Our new XDS receivers give you the ability to record and playback all programming. They fully integrate and provide control of local automation systems. Full control of programming is maintained by your station thanks to web-based scheduling. And maybe best of all, terrestrial or weather interference (sun outage/rain fade) is eliminated.

Salem will replace your current Wegener receivers with new XDS Pro receivers beginning mid-2019 with a hard-switch planned for fall 2019. We will continue to simulcast on our current Wegener satellite platform until early 2020.

Salem’s receiver-swap program will begin mid-2019.

Current affiliates MUST submit an XDS receiver request on our web form at

Check with your SRN/SMN Affiliate Relations representative, ministry programmer, or email for more information.