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Software Upgrade for Westwood One XDS Receivers (Nov 29, 2018)

Nov 27, 2018

Software Upgrade for Westwood One XDS Receivers

Reboot Required

Dear Westwood One XDS User:

Westwood One is releasing upgraded versions of receiver software to the Cumulus XDS-PRO4, PRO4Q, PRO1 and PRO1Q model receivers. The new versions (v2.8.4 for PRO4 and PRO1, v3.4.12 for PRO4Q and PRO1Q) will replace all previous versions of XDS-PRO receiver software. This upgrade is intended to fix certain issues experienced by users of this platform as well as providing some enhanced features that will hopefully benefit you in the future.

The upgrade will be pushed from Westwood One TOC via satellite to your XDS-PRO receiver on Thursday 11/29/2018. When the upgrade is in the process of downloading, you will see the amber ‘UPDATE’ light blinking slowly on the front panel of the receiver. It is important that you do not reboot or otherwise disturb the receiver while the UPDATE light is blinking slowly. When you see the UPDATE light flashing rapidly, the upgrade is finished downloading.

Once the upgrade is completely downloaded, the receiver must be rebooted in order to accept the upgrade. You must observe the UPDATE light flashing rapidly for at least 15 minutes before rebooting to accept the upgrade. Reboot can be accomplished by either cycling power, or by doing a soft boot via the front panel as follows:

1) Press SET
2) Right Arrow to SETUP
3) Press SET
4) Left Arrow to REBOOT
5) Press SET
6) Select YES to reboot (Button 1)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REBOOT PROCESS WILL CAUSE YOUR RECEIVER TO MUTE FOR APPROXIMATELY 60-90 SECONDS. We suggest that you reboot at a time that will cause minimum disruption to your station’s operation. Remember to make sure your receiver is neither playing out nor recording any programs at the time you reboot.

Note: If you elect to cycle the AC power, the reboot may take longer because the virtual disk needs to be checked for errors upon power-up.

Please reboot your receiver and accept the upgrade by Sunday December 16th. On Sunday December 16th at approximately 0355 ET, Westwood One will send a mandatory reboot command to all XDS PRO4Q and PRO1Q receivers that have not accepted the upgrade by that time. If you have already rebooted the receiver and accepted the upgrade by the time of the mandatory reboot, your receiver will not reboot or mute when we send the mandatory reboot command.

If you have any questions, please call our Affiliate Technical Services support number – 914-908-3210.

Bob Mack
Vice President, Engineering | Westwood One