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An all-new Independence Day program from Jerry Stewart, “The Song of Freedom”

Jun 13, 2019

Monday, July 1 and Tuesday, July 2 at 8:06 AM ET
SES-2, SR 2-Unity Receiver

Monday, July 1 at 8:06 AM ET
XDS Receiver, V01 Netcue for local break

This special holiday program, “The Song of Freedom”, is a powerful patriotic program that will make your listeners proud to be Americans. The show will feature the stories of our nation’s struggle for independence with quotes from our founding fathers and unbelievable true stories of their great sacrifices for our America. There will also be much fun in the program as Jerry tells some wacky true stories in our nation.

This special feature is formatted for a 1 hr time slot – actual length is 44 minutes.

Some of what you will hear in this special program:

  • When is the last time you thought about what it must have been like that 1st July 4th in 1776? There was truly much excitement by the colonists, but there was also so much to consider. Our handful of patriots were about to go to war with the most powerful military force in the world at that time. You will hear that story with words from those who were there.
  • You will hear the story of patriot Samuel Huntington and how some have come to believe that he, not George Washington, was our first U.S. president. Sounds crazy, but take a listen to the facts.
  • There are so many ideas and inventions that have started right here in America. For example, how did we come to have baseball in America? Did you know that it was invented by a Union officer, Abner Doubleday, while he was fighting in the Civil War? There are other inventions to talk about like hot dogs, and pink lemonade. The stories behind these two will truly make you laugh out loud.
  • And then there is Old Glory – our beautiful flag. Hear some thoughts about our flag.
  • Finally, we will take a hard look at the present condition of our country as it relates to two of our foundational rights as human beings – the first, the right to life, the second, the right to worship God without any interference or restrictions from our government.

This program follows the SRN Talk Clock. For questions regarding the program call Jerry Stewart at 360-961-5587.

If you are interested in carrying Jerry Stewart’s daily feature “One Moment in America”, please let us know.  Click here for more info about the show.

If you plan to clear “The Song of Freedom“, please send us your information (Call Letters, Market, Time and Date Cleared, GM/OM/PD signature) to or fax to 817-576-3666.

ChannelMom Radio with Jenny Dean Schmidt

Apr 29, 2019

Coming to SRN on Friday, May 3, 2019!

Reaching the ultimate influencers who impact the world, one child at a time!

ChannelMom Radio targets a hugely powerful and underserved audience – the moms of America. Offering quality content, savvy advice and culturally relevant interviews with well-known authors and experts, ChannelMom provides a much-needed resource for moms and their families. ChannelMom’s host, Jenny Dean Schmidt, is an Emmy-winning TV reporter and longtime radio host who is passionate about highlighting the importance of the mothering role—and its influence on the next generation of Americans. The show’s engaging format has a strong following on Salem’s KRKS-FM in Denver, and extends its reach on multiple platforms including social media, podcast and a popular YouTube Channel ( In addition to extensive media offerings, ChannelMom also serves mothers and families through on-the-ground outreach to moms in homes, churches, shelters and prisons.

ChannelMom Radio audio archive:

For more information, please email

  • Airs each Friday from 3:03-3:30pm Eastern
  • Westwood One XDS (“SRN4 – ChannelMom Radio”) – Netcue V54 for local breaks
  • Wegener Unity/iPump channel SR2

Salem Christian formats moving from Wegener to XDS receivers in 2019!

Apr 4, 2019

Salem Radio Network and Salem Music Network

will be upgrading our Christian programming platform

from satellite to IP (internet) and will be upgrading our receiver fleet

in mid-2019 to the XDS platform.

Your current Wegener satellite receiver will be replaced and upgraded to an XDS Pro receiver that will be fed completely from the internet (IP). Salem will continue broadcasting on the current Wegener satellite platform while migrating to our new XDS IP receivers and expect to end our SES-2 Wegener satellite feed in early 2020.

***This change will affect current Salem Wegener affiliates (Christian on SES-2) and NOT current Westwood One XDS (General Market on SES-11) receivers.***

This improved system operates over internet protocol (no satellite) and requires only an internet connection to schedule and receive programming. Your station will no longer need a satellite dish or antenna hardware to receive Salem’s Christian network feeds. Our new XDS receivers give you the ability to record and playback all programming. They fully integrate and provide control of local automation systems. Full control of programming is maintained by your station thanks to web-based scheduling. And maybe best of all, terrestrial or weather interference (sun outage/rain fade) is eliminated.

Salem will replace your current Wegener receivers with new XDS Pro receivers beginning mid-2019 with a hard-switch planned for fall 2019. We will continue to simulcast on our current Wegener satellite platform until early 2020.

Salem’s receiver-swap program will begin mid-2019.

Current affiliates MUST submit an XDS receiver request on our web form at

Check with your SRN/SMN Affiliate Relations representative, ministry programmer, or email for more information.

Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine

Jan 15, 2019

A radio show about television’s past, present and future

99% of us listen to the radio AND watch TV. That’s why listeners love Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine!

Featuring interviews with TV’s biggest stars – from Outlander to The Brady Bunch.

Covering True Crime TV, Political TV, and hit TV Series, both past AND present.

15 years and running!

Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine not only explores television’s past, present and future featuring such guests as comedy legend Mel Brooks, but also covers reality-based topics for your listeners – ranging from true crime with Deborah Norville, to fighting terrorism with Benghazi soldier Mark Geist (13 Hours), and Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha (Netflix’s Medal of Honor).

TV Time Machine breaks the mold. Whether it’s playing “Jeopardy” on the air with actual Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, interviewing ‘President Trump’ via Donald Trump impersonator John DiDomenico, or talking horror with Academy Award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water) every episode of TV Time Machine is filled with entertainment, topical subjects and dynamic interviews – all rolled into one very unique radio program.

Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine is distributed weekly on XDS Satellite: AMC-8 SRN XDS.

Click here to visit the TV Time Machine website and hear hundreds of archived shows:

Contact Jim Benson at:

Available via XDS at SRN2 – TV Time Machine

RENEGADEAV8R with David Costa

Nov 6, 2018

David Costa is the RenegadeAV8R. This show is about aviation, but it is not just for people who love aviation. If you like a positive message, finding your passion and achieving goals, you will find it here. David promotes aviation and the power of the individual.

The RenegadeAV8R combines his radio show with a jet airshow team that can be seen at airshows across North America. He flies high performance jet aircraft and provides coaching to pilots who want to reach elite status. David is also is called upon as a pilot expert in addition to his corporate jet management business.

David lives in Reno, with his wife and 2 daughters, when not living at home….he is living the dream, flying airplanes from vintage aircraft to jet fighters.

Westwood One XDS (“SRN4 – RenegadeAV8R with David Costa”)
Saturday from 7-8am Eastern

RenegadeAV8R -FINALpress release-Nov.5 2018

RenegadeAV8R audio archive:

THE BIGGER PICTURE with Timothy Spangler

Oct 19, 2018

LIVE every Sunday evening from 10pm to midnight Pacific
via XDS “SRN2 – The Bigger Picture

The world is a funny place!

Since March 2013 , “THE BIGGER PICTURE with Timothy Spangler”  has been the Sunday night destination radio call-in show in the Los Angeles market!  Broadcasting LIVE from the studios of SRN-affiliate AM870 the Answer from 10pm to midnight on Sunday nights, “THE BIGGER PICTURE” covers a wide range of issues both domestic and international, all with a unique blend of humor and wry observation that sets the show apart from other late-night radio offerings!  In addition to a witty banter and a wide range of celebrity guests – we are based in LA, you know! – audience callers play a central role in each week’s show.  While engaging traditional AM talk radio audiences, “THE BIGGER PICTURE” also effectively brings in younger and more diverse demographics to the show (and the stations that carry it).  Hosted by Timothy Spangler, award-winning commentator and author,  “THE BIGGER PICTURE”  combines the best elements of “hot talk” and current events to attract late night radio listeners who crave intellectual stimulation and laughs!

Celebrity guests on “THE BIGGER PICTURE” have included:

  • Edward Norton, Academy Award nominated actor
  • Stevie Wonder, Oscar and Grammy Award winning musician
  • Jim Kerr, lead singer of the rock bank Simple Minds
  • Leslie Nicol, who plays Mrs. Patmore on PBS’s “Downton Abbey”
  • Jane Seymour, former Bond girl and star of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”
  • Frank Shamrock, world champion UFC mixed martial arts fighter
  • John Pleshette, “Knots Landing,” “Murder One,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  • Amy Brenneman, Emmy-nominated actress from hit shows “Judging Amy” and “NYPD Blue”
  • Roger Stone, legendary American political consultant
  • French Stewart, NBC’s “3rd Rock from the Sun”
  • Rich Sommer, star of AMC hit series “Mad Men”
  • Kevin McKidd, star of the ABC hit television series, “Grey’s Anatomy”

Check out our Facebook page:

And our webpage:


Timothy Spangler is a prolific commentator on topics related to the intersection of politics and economics. After prolonged stays in New York and the United Kingdom, he eventually returned home to sunny Southern California, a decision he still questions daily.   When in London, he can often be found watching his beloved Fulham Football Club from the Hammersmith End of Craven Cottage.

For more information about bringing THE BIGGER PICTURE with Timothy Spangler to your station, contact Timothy Spangler at or call 310 357 6797.

Eye On The Target

Aug 31, 2018

Eye On The Target is a live, two hour variety show produced each Sunday night. They cover the news and answer calls from listeners. Hosts Rob Campbell and Amanda Suffecool are brother and sister, and their sibling rivalry is part of their signature style. They are the children of nomadic gun geeks. They were forced at an early age to wander across the midwest from gun-show to shooting competition. They translate questions about firearms training, self-defense, firearms, legislation and politics into understandable language designed for a general audience.

A call or topic doesn’t go by without a poke at each other or a friend of the show. Bob and Amanda translate gun-geek into understandable English designed for a general audience. Call in with your question about how to start your self-defense education, about the obscure firearm you found, or bring that strange question you always wanted to ask.

Eye On The Target airs each Sunday from 5-7pm ET on the Westwood One XDS platform premiering September 16, 2018. You can schedule “SRN3 – Eye On The Target” at Please send any technical questions to

Hope For The Caregiver

Feb 13, 2018

Join Peter Rosenberger each Sunday from 4-5pm ET beginning March 4, 2018 for Hope For The Caregiver on Wegener (Unity/iPump) channel SR1 and Westwood One XDS (SRN2 – Hope For The Caregiver).


An exceptional voice of experience—for an unprecedented need.

For more than thirty years, Peter Rosenberger has personally traveled the path of the family caregiver. Through this journey, Peter’s discovered a caregiver cannot only survive, but thrive in oftentimes grim circumstances.

In an unparalleled journey with his wife Gracie, Peter has navigated a medical nightmare that has mushroomed to 80 major operations—including the amputation of both of Gracie’s legs below the knee.  These difficult experiences led Peter to work with more than 80 treating physicians in 12 hospitals, and 7 medical insurance companies, and medical bills soaring to more than $10 million. All these circumstances resulted in Peter developing a firm grasp of the healthcare issues faced by families with disabilities.

Not only will Peter and his team help you sell time on the show, but he is willing to spotlight affiliates and their sponsors for specific caregiver stories and services/products.  Current sponsors include:

  • Medi-Share
  • 101 Mobility (national franchise that helps adapt homes and vehicles.)
  • Morning Pointe Memory Care Centers

Examples of target sponsors providing services for caregivers in affiliate areas:

  • Medical supply companies
  • Long Term Care Insurance Companies
  • Attorneys
  • Medical providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Home Maintenance Companies (Gutters/ handyman/Heating Air, etc.)
  • Local chapters of disability related organizations
  • Counselors
  • Churches

Healthy Caregivers Make Better Caregivers™ ” and we’re committed to strengthening those millions of Americans who place themselves between a vulnerable loved one and even worse challenges!

We welcome you to be a part of a ground-breaking show that is touching a massive number of people that have never been reached with a message like Peter.  We invite you to become an important part of offering HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER!

Peter Rosenberger Website

The Bob Zadek Show

Mar 21, 2017

Bob Zadek is the host of The Bob Zadek Show, the longest running libertarian talk show in California – broadcast live on 860 AM, KTRB – The Answer (as well as 1380AM in Sacramento and 1590 in Seattle), every Sunday at 8am.

Bob talks about the issues that affect our lives on a daily basis from a purely libertarian standpoint. He believes in small government, fewer taxes, and greater personal freedom.

America has lost its way, but it cannot and does not need to be reinvented. Our founders were correct about their approach to government, as were John Locke, Adam Smith and the other great political philosophers who influenced them. The country’s first principles are economic and social freedom, republicanism, the rule of law, and liberty. Bob believes we must take the best of our founding principles and work from them because a country without principles is just a land mass.

He recently released an ebook of his best interviews, Secret Sauce: The Founders’ Original Recipe for Limited American Democracy, featuring insights from eight top scholars on where the American experiment with constitutionally-limited democracy went wrong.

Bob has been practicing finance law for 50 years, is listed in “The Best Lawyers In America,” and has been awarded the highest rating for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability by Peer Reviewed Martindale Hubbell. He holds a law degree and a Master’s degree in Law from NYU School of Law and is a Charter Fellow in the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers, Past President of the Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys, Past Chair of the 1,500 member Commercial Finance Committee of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, and Past Chair of the California State Bar UCC Committee.

He has been retained as an expert witness in more than 25 cases dealing with finance law. As an entrepreneur, he created and now manages Lenders Funding LLC, which makes and participates in loans to small business.

Bob’s passions are American history, entrepreneurism, libertarianism, and his number one fan and significant other Anne.

Featuring Top Constitutional Scholars & Economists:

  • Donald J. Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek
  • Thomas Fleming, author of over 50 fiction and non-fiction history titles
  • William Maurer & Clark Neily III of the Institute for Justice
  • Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute
  • Ilya Somin & Todd Zywicki of George Mason University’s economics department and law school


Download Show Demo

The Strident Conservative

Feb 16, 2016

The Strident Conservative

America’s source for “politically-incorrect” and “always right” news and opinion – is bringing its insightful analysis to radio.


“The Strident Conservative” is a two minute daily commentary that focuses on the news and issues relevant to Conservatives and the Constitution. With a focus on holding our political and spiritual leaders accountable for the decline of American greatness, The Strident Conservative is an equal-opportunity critic, holding members of every political stripe accountable.

“I am delighted to begin this new partnership with the Salem broadcast family,” said David Leach, Publisher of The Strident Conservative. “The SC combines poignant and honest opinion, mixed with a touch of sarcasm and satire, in ways that will appeal to listeners who still believe in the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. I believe we are a perfect fit for the Salem network.”

In addition to, you can find The Strident Conservative at

“The Strident Conservative” commentary is available via XDS receiver at:

SRN1 – The Strident Conservative
5:50:00 – 5:52:00am ET each Monday through Friday

Or FTP at:

For more information about the commentary, please contact David Leach at