Salem Radio Network (Westwood One XDS) Netcue Information

Program Local Break Station Liner
Hugh Hewitt T08 T09
Mike Gallagher T08 T09
Dennis Prager T08 T09
Michael Medved T08 T09
America First with Sebastian Gorka T08 T09
Larry Elder T08 T09
Eric Metaxas T10 T11
Best of Eric Metaxas V01 N/A
Joe Walsh T10 N/A
Texas Home Improvement T08 T09
Forever Young T08 T09
Steve Brown, Etc… T08 T09
The Healthy Living and Growing Radio Show (Howard Garrett) T08 T09
Armed America Radio T08 T09
TownHall Weekend V01 V02
Healthy by Nature V01 V02
Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine V01 V02
Big Billy Kinder Outdoors V01 V02
Rezny Wealth Report V01 V02
Staying Young Radio V01 N/A
Best Stocks Now V01 V02
Armed America Radio Daily Defense Hour V01 V02
Phil’s Gang V01 N/A
Our American Stories V01 V02
TalkBack w/ Lawrence Gelman V01 N/A
The Dr. Claudia Show V01 V02
The House P.I. T10 N/A
Arms Room Radio N/A N/A
The Christian Outlook T10 N/A
Frontlines of Freedom T10 T11
The RV Show USA T10 N/A
Eye On The Target T10 N/A
The Alan Nathan Show T10 T11
Silk & Antrim T10 T11
RMWorldTravel Connection T38 T39 (T62 ID)
Market Wrap V54 N/A
Ark Midnight V54 N/A
Radio Law Talk V54 N/A
Renegade AV8R V54 N/A
ChannelMom Radio V54 N/A
Kramer’s Millionaire Maker V54 N/A

Westwood One provides Time Sync/ID Netcues three times per hour.

Stations can use any of the following for Time Sync or Legal ID:

Netcue 864 xx:00:00
Netcue LID xx:59:50
Netcue 500 xx:44:58

Please contact Westwood One Satellite Services with your XDS serial number at (914) 908-3210 for additional help with your XDS Netcues mappings.