The Alan Warren Show

Program Information

  • AMC-18, SRN-XDS
  • Friday 2:00-3:00am ET
  • Using SRN Talk-Affiliate Hour Clock
  • Can air anytime in local market- perfect for weekends
  • Available on a market-exclusive basis
  • Barter- 11 minutes Affiliate, 5 minutes Network, 6 minutes Local News/Commercials at top of the hour
  • No make goods for breaking news or weather
  • Customized local promos available
  • Customized local endorsements and spot talent available by Alan
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About the Show

Tired of the “Same old” kind of weekend programming? Then carry The Alan Warren Show!

Spreading the important message of Conservation and Stewardship, Alan Warren has spent most of the past 4 decades being connected with Nature and with those who care about Nature through his TV and Radio programs.

Alan made the natural transition from being “a Hunter” to that of a Wildlife Conservationist and Outdoor Evangelist and he shares his stories and passion with those who are looking for a connection with and a better understanding of the Natural World.

An ardent supporter of FFA and its members and sponsors, Alan’s show is a refreshing alternative to ordinary weekend programming with a show that is easy for affiliates to sell.

Alan’s down-home style resonates with listeners in a powerful way. From his loyal connection and support of Students and Leaders in FFA to visiting with leaders in wildlife conservation, Alan’s show is a fun-to-listen-to blend of information, education and self-effacing humor.

Combining a lifetime of hands-on outdoor experiences with commentary on current news stories and great guests, The Alan Warren Show will be a winner in your market (and can be an easy sell for your Sales Team).

LOCAL Sponsor Categories include:

  • John Deere and other Tractor Dealers
  • Tractor Supply, Farm & Ranch Supplies
  • Local Feed Stores
  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Local Car & Truck Dealers
  • Fuel Distributors
  • ATV/UTV Dealers
  • Sporting Goods Dealers
  • Gun Ranges
  • Gun Stores
  • Insurance Agents
  • Tire Stores
  • Golf Cart Dealers

And ANY Local Supporters of FFA.

Contact Information

Office: 210-342-6520