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  • Saturday 6am-8am; Eastern
  • AMC-8 Satellite, SRN-XDS
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Got your fill with financial shows on your weekend lineup?  Take your listeners on a fresh journey to enjoy the great outdoors every weekend with Big Billy Kinder Outdoors.  Because we spend long hours in production each week, that results in a fast moving, entertaining, educating radio show.  TSL with us is commonly 45 minutes per hour, and 60 minutes TSL happens.  This isn’t your typical hunting/fishing show. Hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, camping, birding and boating are fun; we get it, and we have fun with it. We travel this great nation from coast to coast capturing stories that leave listeners wanting more. Our pro staff and celebrity guests are known in the outdoor industry and around the world. We award listeners with BIG Prize Contests. Add BBKO Radio right now, and your community will enjoy being eligible to enter and win our Win It For A Cop…$8,300 PRIZE CONTEST!

Hunting and fishing are a $76 billion dollar annual economic force in the United States. Many retailers in your area would benefit from a message inside BBKO radio. Roughly one third of Americans own a gun for target shooting, personal protection, or hunting. Since 2009 women have been the fastest growing group of new hunters and shooters. They are hungry for this information, and that’s why time after time after time we meet women that listen every week, and tell us how they love the show.

With the right time placement on your Saturday lineup, Big Billy Kinder Outdoors will increase market share and weekend revenue. Bill Kinder is a major market radio veteran and award winning announcer who knows radio from programming to sales.  Take a look at our affiliate clock and you’ll see that we are generous with local time provided for your sales folks. If you’re not sold out, don’t worry, we cover your local commercial time for you, so there is ZERO editing and production time on your end.

We’ll never embarrass your station with your listeners, and we promise to deliver well produced, relative and top-knotch outdoor radio each week.

We’ll help you sell your local time.  We travel across this great country, and would be honored to connect with your listeners and potential clients.

May God bless you and thanks so much for checking us out at Big Billy Kinder Outdoors.

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Bill Kinder
Kinder Productions, Inc.
Grapevine, TX 76099-0081