Jerry Stewart’s One Moment in America

Program Information

  • Westwood One XDS receiver (AMC-8)
  • AMC-3 Satellite, Unity 4000 Receiver
  • 60 seconds of content
  • Available on a market-exclusive, barter basis
  • First run barter only / Customized promos available
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About the Show

One Moment in America is dedicated to telling the true story of the ideals and beliefs our great nation was built upon. Host Jerry Stewart, who writes and produces One Moment in America, believes there is a great battle going on in America today which will determine whether our nation stands or falls.

Fast-paced, riveting and sure to make your station destination listening for men, women and children throughout your market, you can lock in One Moment in America by calling SRN today. 972-831-1920 x141.

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