“Rewrite Your Script” with Dr. G and Corey D. Taylor

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  • Saturday from 7:05-7:30pm ET
  • Wegener channel SR2 and SiriusXM Family Talk 131

About the Show

Dr. Gina Pazzaglia (PhD, LCSW, LADC), is the Executive Producer and Host of the “Rewrite Your Script” radio show. Dr. G has been a licensed therapist for over 20 years, as well as an author and publisher. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Gina is currently proprietor of Restorative Alternative Wellness, Inc, as well several other businesses. Dr. G is a licensed/ordained minister and with over 20 years of expertise therapy she specializes in treating persons suffering from emotional, physical and spiritual injuries. Gina has been a featured speaker and commentator on T.V. and radio talk shows. She is dedicated to positive and restorative help to change lives.

Corey D. Taylor is and Emmy award winning TV producer and author. Corey has covered all four coasts of the US as a national speaker. He has been a TV talk show host and producer as well as a documentary producer. Corey has now teamed up with Dr. Gina as her side kick on the “Rewrite Your Script”.

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Phone: 405-237-3780

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