The RV Show USA

Program Information

  • AMC-8, Westwood XDS
  • Satellite Feed- Fridays 12am (Midnight)-2am ET or on SRN's FTP Site
  • Using SRN Talk-Affiliate Hour Clock
  • Barter- 11 minutes Affiliate, 5 minutes Network, 6 minutes Local News/Commercials at the top of the hour
  • No make goods for breaking news or weather
  • Customized local promos available
  • Customized local endorsements and spot talent available by Alan Warren
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About the Show

Looking for a WEEKEND SHOW (where you can run One or Both Hours); a show that your listeners and sales team will love? We have it!

The RV Show USA is the country’s only radio show dedicated to the RV Lifestyle and taps into the growing audience of RV enthusiasts.

Hosted by Veteran Radio and TV personality, Alan Warren, The RV Show USA is a “unique find” for station affiliates with a one-of-a-kind program that’s easy for stations to sell.

Each week, The RV Show USA travels the country featuring interviews with full time RVers as well as industry professionals, popular RVing Celebrities and weekly Feature Destinations. And Listeners are always welcome to call and provide input, ask questions and share their love of the RV Lifestyle.

Fast Facts:

  • More Americans own RVs today that at any other time (10+ Million)
  • 2018 Sales projections are even higher than 2017!
  • The average RVer is 46 years old and has a median annual income of $64,000
  • Ownership of RVs has edged up for all age groups
  • RVing is one of the least expensive family vacations available
  • RVing allows families a unique travel experience that fosters an increased sense of togetherness, control, flexibility, and convenience to travel.

Let Alan Warren and The RV Show USA REV-UP your weekends and connect RVers in your market with your station’s advertisers.


Local Sponsor Categories Include

  • RV Dealers/Repair Centers
  • RV Inspectors
  • RV Service and Accessory Dealers
  • RV Parks/Resorts
  • Car & Truck Dealers
  • Golf Cart Dealers
  • ATV/UTV Dealers
  • Sporting Goods Dealers
  • Tire Stores
  • Insurance Agents
  • Senior Living Communities


Contact Information

Office: 210-342-6520

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