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About the Show

The Dr. Claudia Show offers no nonsense advice and real life solutions for your life and your relationships.

Dr. Claudia is a licensed psychologist, with an energy that cuts through and connects with the audience.

She’s smart, witty and genuinely cares for the listener, covering the latest stories and trends in the news that affect families and relationships.


Dr. Claudia McCulloch holds a Ph.D. from Temple University in School Psychology. She is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Educational Psychologist specializing in child development, assessment, management of and advocacy for those with autism, learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as well as social, emotional and behavior disorders.

In private practice for over 23 years, Dr. Claudia has been helping individuals and families find practical, real-life solutions to their issues.

Dr. Claudia also hosts a :60 Second daily feature, Parenting Pointers, heard across the country on a number of stations.


Tutoring Services (Sylvan, Kumon, Lindamood-Bell)
Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists
Family Law Attorneys
Marriage & Family Therapists
Kids Classes (Music, Karate, Art, Dance)
Family Entertainment (Bowling Alleys, Arcades, Mini-Golf)
Family Restaurants
Day Cares
Youth Sports Leagues
Pet Stores
Toy Stores

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