XDS-IP News & Updates

XDS-IP program listing

Feb 4, 2020

Below is a link to all current Salem XDS-IP programs and corresponding start times:


XDS-IP relay mappings

Feb 4, 2020

Below is a current list for all Salem XDS-IP relay mappings:


XDS-IP Hourly Time Sync Relay

Jan 13, 2020

Salem is now sending an hourly time sync relay at xx:54:30 on XDS-IP receivers to match the legacy Wegener hourly time sync:


To configure the hourly time sync, log into your Salem XDS-IP receiver at http://xdsnms.picodigital.com/aff/AffiliateLogin.aspx and select “Set My Relay Mappings“. Press the EDIT button and enter the code SR-TIME to the relay output of your choice and press SAVE. The relay output you have selected will now trigger hourly at xx:54:30.

Adjusting XDS audio port volume levels

Jan 9, 2020

To adjust your audio port volume levels, log into your XDS-IP receiver via the IP address using the following credentials:

Username: ADMIN
Password: flash!

Under the ‘General’ tab, click on ‘Console’ and you will see the ‘Hudson>’ prompt.

Typing DSP VOL will show the current audio port levels with 255 being the highest and 0 being the lowest (255 is the default setting).

To lower the volume on Port A, type the following command:


The letter ‘A’ is the audio port (A-D) and 100 being the audio level (1-255). You can then type DSP VOL to confirm. This setting will remain stored after reboot.

Connecting XDS-IP over Firewire

Dec 18, 2019

Connect your XDS-IP receiver via Livewire (AES67) using the attached document:

XDS-PROnR Livewire Feature

Salem XDS-IP is now live!

Dec 2, 2019

Salem’s new XDS-IP receiver platform is now live and ready for your station to begin migrating from the Wegener satellite platform. The new XDS-IP receivers *do not* require a satellite dish as they are fed completely from the internet.

The Wegener satellite platform is available only until February 29, 2020. As of March 1, 2020, the satellite carrier will go dark.

If you do not have an XDS-IP receiver to replace your Wegener (Unity/iPump) satellite receiver, please make your request as soon as possible:


Please remember that the majority of programming on XDS-IP receivers will arrive 30-seconds later than the Wegener satellite receivers. This is due to a platform-wide data buffer that ensures all internet-fed programming will arrive as expected. Some exceptions include SRN News programming:

-SRN News
-Townhall News
-SRN Sports
-SRN Business

SRN News content listed above will not be available on XDS-IP until January 7, 2020 casts beginning at 9:53:00am ET but can be scheduled in advance at:


SRN News content will remain on the Wegener satellite platform until February 29, 2020 but will arrive 30-seconds earlier than expected after their migration to XDS-IP on January 7, 2020.

Please email technical support or program scheduling questions to:


Salem XDS-IP tutorial video

Nov 1, 2019

With the exception of SRN News products (SRN News, Townhall News, SRN Sports, and SRN Business), all current Wegener programming will be available to the public beginning November 1, 2019. SRN News content listed below will be available to the public on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 9:53am ET but is now available for scheduling on your XDS-IP receiver:

-SRN News
-Townhall News
-SRN Sports
-SRN Business

All programming will be delivered 30-seconds later than current Wegener time due to the IP platform buffer EXCEPT for the SRN News programming above which will still remain in real-time.

Salem XDS-IP Program Scheduling Tutorial video:


Affiliate Scheduling Login:


Please email technical support or program scheduling questions to: