XDS-IP News & Updates

Salem XDS-IP is now live!

Dec 2, 2019

Salem’s new XDS-IP receiver platform is now live and ready for your station to begin migrating from the Wegener satellite platform. The new XDS-IP receivers *do not* require a satellite dish as they are fed completely from the internet.

The Wegener satellite platform is available only until February 29, 2020. As of March 1, 2020, the satellite carrier will go dark.

If you do not have an XDS-IP receiver to replace your Wegener (Unity/iPump) satellite receiver, please make your request as soon as possible:


Please remember that the majority of programming on XDS-IP receivers will arrive 30-seconds later than the Wegener satellite receivers. This is due to a platform-wide data buffer that ensures all internet-fed programming will arrive as expected. Some exceptions include SRN News programming:

-SRN News
-Townhall News
-SRN Sports
-SRN Business

SRN News content listed above will not be available on XDS-IP until January 7, 2020 casts beginning at 9:53:00am ET but can be scheduled in advance at:


SRN News content will remain on the Wegener satellite platform until February 29, 2020 but will arrive 30-seconds earlier than expected after their migration to XDS-IP on January 7, 2020.

Please email technical support or program scheduling questions to: